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New Scrubs Kink Meme!
by scrubskinkmeme (scrubskinkmeme)
at May 31st, 2010 (11:11 pm)

Check it out: scrubskinkmeme.livejournal.com/

Morphine [userpic]
by Morphine (morphine300mg)
at April 11th, 2008 (09:32 pm)

Can anyone be so kind as to translate what Carla and Turk said to each other about JD and Elliot in last night's episode? I have a feeling it was one of those important foreshadowing thingies.....

Kipli [userpic]
The Nurse's Station Refit!
by Kipli (kipli)
at November 21st, 2007 (02:18 pm)

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My oldschool hand submitted archive, The Nurse's Station, is moving locations. And it's all now automated! All in thanks of kunstpause webspace and knowhow. Huzzah! :D

Authors and readers alike, please come and join us at http://www.scrubsfiction.tk/!

Let us know what you think, suggestions on anything you find lacking, and try out all the new features. Not to mention uploading your fic!

We are also holding an open call for Scrubs specific banners for the top of the website. 500x200 and wider will be reviewed. If we get lots and lots, we may implement a rotating banner code so we can use 'em all. :D

x-posted like mad, my apologies

Kipli [userpic]
26 Sept 2007 UPDATE:
by Kipli (kipli)
at September 26th, 2007 (04:52 pm)
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Again no super fast updates lately cuz of teh moving I'm doing. Joy of joys. ;)

But finally Uploaded:
Honest Words You Can't Afford To Say - ediblestars
I Count Your Outlashes, Secretly - ediblestars
His Eleven Reasons Why--Parts 6-11 - Kipli
His Nightingale - Kipli
Their (Slightly Ill-Advised) Parking Lot Encounter - bank_farter

twilightchance [userpic]
by twilightchance (twilightchance)
at September 20th, 2007 (07:42 am)

Title: My Only Chance
Author: Twilightchance
Fan-dom: Scrubs
Pairings: Cox/JD,Jorliot,Turla,Janitor/OC and one-sided JD/OC.
Rating: NC-17 and PG
Fic Series: Twilight Reign
email: assultmylife@yahoo.com
Warnings: Angst and major character deaths
Summary: A world littered with anomalies. A life with no meaning. A future to save and
a existence to end.
Notes: I do not own Scrubs. I do own my OC's though. Not beta'd.


Chaptire one: Petals


He stood under two moons.

JD couldn't see what was in front of him. A hazy mist clouded his vision. For what he could
tell, he was in a vast valley full of withering flowers. He walked for what seemed like hours, his
breathe was icy cold when he sighed. " Where am I? " he thought, shuddering due to the cold
atmosphere. He walked a bit farther, but stopped when something in the distance caught his eye.

A rather large looking tree.

As JD neared it, he could feel a sudden warmth start to envelop his body. Flower petals stuck
to his navy blue scrubs as he walked. JD was near enough to see that the tree was gargantum.
It towered over him like a fabled giant. JD placed his left hand on the trunk, a warm sensation
spread through out his finger tips.

" Hello." a voice said.

JD turned to see a little girl in a white dress and brown sun hat. Her long brown hair flowed
gently behind her. She was staring up at JD, her amber eyes danced like fire.

" Hello. " she repeated.

" Umm...hi." JD drawled. ' Who is this kid?' he thought. " Ate you lost? " he asked.

" No. Are you? " the girl said, a smile visible on her face.

The girl backed away from JD and waved. Suddenly her figure started to become transparent.

" Wait! " wailed JD, " Where am I? Who are you?! "
She smiled and mouthed something before completely fading.

JD felt faint and blacked out.


JD awoke to the sound of his pager alarming. He looked at it and muttered a curse. He
clambered of the bunk he was resting on in the on-call room, slipped on his shoes and
raced out the door.

Flower petals lay forgotten on the bed.

A/N: Hoped you liked the first chaptire! It may be kinda short but I'm very pleased about it. I
promise the next one will be a lot longer so don't maim me. This is going to be a long fic. I'm thinking at least 20 chaptires so bear with me. Please leave some good reviews. Next update will be soon.

~ skeptic

Kipli [userpic]
14 Sept 2007 Update:
by Kipli (kipli)
at September 14th, 2007 (04:30 pm)
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Sorry for the lack of Updates lately. I was dragged off by my own muses... ;)

My Shattered Reality - Chapters 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - Nyxelestia
Do You Need Me? - ScathingSarcasm
Death Talk - ScathingSarcasm
A Warm Presence, Will You Stay? - Chapters 1 - 2 - ScathingSarcasm
Our Stupidest Angel - VZG
My Blue Day - Kipli
Her Realization - bank_farter
Her Five Moments - bank_farter
Her Stalled Elevator - bank_farter

Kipli [userpic]
05 Sept 2007 Update:
by Kipli (kipli)
at September 6th, 2007 (02:55 am)
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Wail - Purplesyringes
Working Against Him - Purplesyringes
Unlikely - Purplesyringes
Waffle Time - Purplesyringes
Her Curiosity--Part 2 - bank_farter
Their Married Life - bank_farter
Their Five Drabbles - bank_farter
His Eleven Reasons Why--Parts 1-5 - Kipli

Kipli [userpic]
So yeah...
by Kipli (kipli)
at September 5th, 2007 (01:29 pm)

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...the automatic archive is still sitting there, cackling at me, because it won't search properly. I uploaded a number of my fics to it, but it refuses to call up anything for JD. Er...

I give up on it for now and will return to hand uploading everything again. Someday I'll have cash and upgrade my webspace so I can then bang my head against eFiction. heh

Kipli [userpic]
Just a Quick Update:
by Kipli (kipli)
at September 2nd, 2007 (02:14 pm)
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I am currently banging my head against an Automatic Archiving script that will run on my limited webspace (blame ohmanhattan for my attempting it again heh), hence the lack of solid updates to the archive as it is currently. This is a script that I attempted to o_O stare at when first starting up the archive but gave up on when it wouldn't cooperate. It is grudgingly starting to work, though I am working out bugs (such as not REALLY being able to search by character/pairings... not that THAT'S important or anything... er...), so yeah, bare with me, and I might be doing a complete overhaul of the website. If this thing ever fully cooperates with me... lolz

Kipli [userpic]
31 Aug 2007 Update:
by Kipli (kipli)
at August 31st, 2007 (10:23 pm)
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So today I was bad. I wrote instead of uploaded fic. *snerk* I had planned to do both but 2.5k words later... yeah probably no more archiving tonight after that writing fest of my own.

Anywho, lil bitty Update:

China Fair - Nicole Merrill

Kipli [userpic]
30 Aug 2007 Updates:
by Kipli (kipli)
at August 31st, 2007 (12:41 am)
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These long, multi-chapter fics are going to be the death of me... lol I work forever, and then when I update the 'Number of fics:' on the index page by oh say 5 fics though I created 35 new pages today... slightly deflating. *sigh*

Anywho, on w/ the Jordan/Elliot update it seems. heh


Her Pale White Skin - Elise Davidson

My Missed Chance - Elise Davidson

My Needs - Elise Davidson

Her Bad Day - bank_farter

My 40 Snapshots - Nicole Merrill

1: My Beginning - 2: My Middle - 3: My Ending - 4: My First - 5: My Last - 6: My Old Woman - 7: My Hug - 8: My Number One Fear - 9: My X-Files Episode - 10: My Red Dress - 11: My Gery Sky - 12: My White Dress - 13: My Black Night - 14: My Favorite Blue - 15: My Misunderstanding, or My Stupid Lies - 16: My Reconciliation, Or My Obvious Truth - 17: My Midnight Interlude - 18: My Denial - 19: My Acceptance - 20: My Best Friend - 21: My Enemy - 22: My Lover - 23: My iPod - 24: My Coffee Mug - 25: My Scary Movie - 26: My Sunset - 27: My Patience

Kipli [userpic]
29 Aug 2007 Update:
by Kipli (kipli)
at August 29th, 2007 (05:31 pm)
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So far today...

His Surprise - Kipli

My Silent Partner - Elise Davidson
- Chapters 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

My Split Conference - Elise Davidson
- Chapters 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

And in the process of uploading 'My Control' by Elise Davidson. Oh the multi-part fics! ;)

ETA: Nother batch of Elise Davidson fics (and all their Chapters) uploaded:

My Control - Elise Davidson
- Chapters 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

My Life - Elise Davidson
- Chapters 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

My Reality - Elise Davidson
-Chapters 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

Kipli [userpic]
So okay...
by Kipli (kipli)
at August 29th, 2007 (04:52 pm)

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I dunno if I actually need it. I dunno if people actually want it. But I'm going to give it a go anyway.

This community is for those who:
-Love Scrubs and Scrubs Fanfiction of all types/callings
-Wish to more easily keep tabs on Updates to The Nurse's Station
-Wish to more easily Submit Fanfiction to the Archive, as I'll take links to Old Fic and links/postings of New Fic here on this Community
-Or just want to support all of this with your presence

Feedback on anything is, as always, appreciated.

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